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City of Wahkon’s Web Page Policy

As a service to the residents of the City of Wahkon, the city has a website providing
government and general community information. Postings include, but is not
necessarily limited to, community services (churches, youth activities, senior
services, library, etc.), recycling and utilities, such as, electric, water, telephone,
television, etc. It also includes area maps, community services, a local business
directory, area history, voter information, and links to other web sites of local
interest, as well as, city services.

The amount of space available on the city’s web site is limited and the city does not
want to overwhelm visitors with superfluous information. Accordingly and pursuant
to Subdivision 6 of Minnesota Statute 10.60, the city’s policy for listing a business,
organization or other entity on the City of Wahkon’s website includes the following

The business, organization or entity shall:
1.) Have a physical presence within the City of Wahkon or the immediate area,
2.) Already provide a service to a significant portion of the Wahkon area, and/or
3.) Be licensed or franchised by the city of Wahkon, and/or
4.) Be a service organization with a significant number of Wahkon area residents as
members, and/or
5.) Be a governmental or quasi-governmental entity that serves Wahkon or the
greater Wahkon area.

The city reserves the right to make exceptions to the five criteria noted above and
also reserves the right to remove a listing from the city’s web site for any or no

Adopted by the Wahkon City Council on March 9, 2015

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