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    1. 2. CITY GOVERNMENT ANNUAL REORGANIZATION A) Appoint/Designate Following: Acting Mayor Weed Inspector & Assistant Weed Inspector Commissioners: Wastewater, Street & Sidewalk, Municipal Buildings, and Park Official Depositories & Newspaper Accountant, Attorneys, Engineers, Zoning Administrator, Financial Advisers & Insurance Agency B) Council Code of Ethics Forms CONSENT AGENDA: All items listed shall be approved by one motion, unless removed. 3. WAHKON SPECIAL CITY COUNCIL MEETING AGENDA TUESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2023 @ 6:00 PM WAHKON COMMUNITY CENTER @ 151 - 2nd ST. E.* *Two councilmembers intend to participate via interactive technology, pursuant to and in accordance with Minn. Stat. 13D.02, at the locations provided below which will be open and accessible to the public: Councilmember Tony Button Sunshine RV Resort Community Room 303 SR 70 E Lake Placid, FL 33852 CALL TO ORDER A) Pledge of Allegiance B) Roll Call C) Approval of Agenda Councilmember Rick Roberts The Lighthouse Family Room 455 E Beach Blvd Gulf Shores, AL 36547 A) B) C) D) E) Meeting Minutes: 9/28 Special, 12/12 Special Planning Commission & 12/12 Council 2023 IRS Standard Mileage Rate 65.5 Cents from 62.5 Cents: New Wahkon Rate League of MN Cities (LMC) Dividend Announcement $1,178 Pay Equity Report Council Approval Required Charitable Gambling Report: 11/2022 & 12/2022 Isle Lions Club Zero, 11/2020 Mille Lacs Drift Skippers (MLDS) $19.85 and $75 to WAVE Meat Raffle Volunteers Treasurer’s Report 2022 Year End Unaudited Schedule 1 Report Treasurer’s Report 12/31/2022 Ending Balance $834,555.95 F) G) H) Interim Financial Monthly Analysis Report WA345-2-850305.v2 I) Disbursement Register 1/17/2023 Date Range 12/13/2022 – 1/17/2023 Total $______________ (forthcoming) PUBLIC HEARINGS & PETITIONS ORDINANCES, RESOLUTIONS & POLICIES A) Resolution 2023-0117 Transportation Alternatives Project Maintenance NEW BUSINESS A) Initiative Foundation $250 Donation Request B) MN Assistance County for Veterans (MACV) Donation Request C) City of Onamia Ballfield Donation Request D) Snow Removal Policy UNFINISHED BUSINESS A) Greater Minnesota Transportation Alternatives Solicitation 2022/23 Full Application B) Wahkon Purchasing Policy Revised REPORTS A) Wastewater B) Zoning C) MLC Sheriff’s 4th Quarter Report D) Employee, Committee & Councilmember Updates E) Open Forum: Please limit to 3 minutes. Council will likely place issue on next month’s agenda for full review. ADJOURNMENT Notified City Council Members via EM 1/12/2023 Posted @ Wahkon City Hall, Post Office and Wahkon Website 1/12/2023 Emailed MLM & others requesting notification 1/12/2023 WA345-2-850305.v2

  • What's going on in Wahkon? Restaurant Spotlight

    MUGGS SATURDAY AFTERNOON Virtual Horse Racing & Meat Raffle Starting at 2PM Hoot / Holler / Win Cash Meat Raffle Friday Nite at 6PM Designer Hand Bag Bingo at MUGGS. Sunday February 5th at 1PM. Pre-sale packs are now available at MUGGS. You need to buy one pack of 10 games for $30 in advance to secure your spot. You can make a table reservation for the number of pre-sale packs you buy . ( 4 pre-sale to reserve a table of 4) Extra packs will be available on the day of the event. Get your pre-sale & reservations soon as we expect to sell out. WAHKON INN Lion's Bingo Wednesday at 6pm Virtual Horse Race and Meat Raffle 6pm Friday and Saturday evenings after 4pm Prime Rib Dinner Special

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  • Around Town | City Of Wahkon

    around town: about our city Learn about our history, spots to visit, places to worship, local businesses and restaurants. The Story of Wahkon, MN Tucked along Mille Lacs Lake’s South Shore, Wahkon was the earliest settlement in the Mille Lacs Lake area, beginning its history in 1885. It was platted on the southeast shore of Mille Lacs Lake by the Soo Railroad Company near the site of the old town of Lawrence, once an American Indian trading post. Robert and Ben Briggs built a log cabin near the old site of the Soo Line Depot, acted as land surveyors and located men on claims as families began moving into the area. In 1907, with the coming of the railroad, the Wahkon town site was set up and in 1912 it was incorporated as a village. Wahkon was a typical “boom town” of the early days with American Indians, lumberjacks, ox and horse teams filling the town’s streets. The town became a rail terminal and the docking point for large logging company steamers that transported logs from all points around the lake. Historical Tour of Old Wahkon Thanks to the hard work and dedication of Phil Tideman and Don Robbins for creating this comprehensive map of historical points of interest with complete descriptions. If you would like to view a printable version of the Wahkon Tour Map please click on the following link. Wahkon Tour Map ​ Website of Interest This interesting site contains the complete yearbooks (scanned) from 1933-1934 Wahkonian 1933-1934. You can view them by individual page or easy to use slideshows. wahkon city park Among the gems awaiting visitors to Wahkon is the City Park on the shores of Mille Lacs Lakes Wahkon Bay. ​ The picturesque park is accessed just off the north end of Main Street at 250 4th Street W. A recently re-crafted sign points the way to the lane which ends at a finely groomed picnic area with plenty of parking for the occasional tourist as well as the anglers who frequent the site. READ MORE Wahkon veteran's park Come stroll or sit a spell at Veterans’ Park and you’ll soon feel in touch with Wahkons history of service to community and nation. A fine resting spot for visitors, the park features memorials, evergreen-shaded benches, picnic tables and playground equipment for the kids. READ MORE ellen ruth The voyage of the Ellen Ruth to her final berth in a Wahkon park is a tale drenched in the fishing history of the lake. Visitors to Wahkon can find the impressive 42-foot launch moored at the south end of town at the corner of Main Street and 1st St. E. The Ellen Ruth was once the largest fishing launch in active duty on Mille Lacs Lake. READ MORE soo line trail One of the unique charms of Wahkon is its easy access to the 126-mile Soo Line Trail. It’s a year-round favorite of ATV riders, bicyclists, snowmobilers and cross country skiers. ​ This easy trail follows much of the Soo Line Railroad grade as it wends itself from Saunders Junction, Wisconsin (near Superior), through the fields and forests of North Central Minnesota and eventually lands riders at Hwy. 10 in Royalton. READ MORE City Hall Holiday Schedule According to Ordinance No. 1995-4 – Wahkon City Hall will be closed for the following legal holidays: New Year’s Day – January 1 Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday – Third Monday, January Washington’s & Lincoln’s Birthday – Third Monday, February Memorial Day – Last Monday, May Independence Day – July 4 Labor Day – First Monday, September Veterans Day – November 11 Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday, November Friday Following Thanksgiving – Fourth Friday, November Christmas Day – December 25 ​ When a holiday falls on Saturday, the preceding day shall be a holiday. When a holiday falls on Sunday, the following day shall be a holiday. ​ No public business shall be transacted on any holiday, except in cases of necessity and except in cases of public business transacted by the legislature, nor shall any civil process be served thereon. 1/2 Photos courtesy of patti packer BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT - COMING SOON! Support local and discover new places to play, learn, grow and buy! local places of worship Looking for a place to worship? Take a peek at our local list of churches. Restaurant spotlight - coming soon! Where can you get a bite to eat in Wahkon? We are working on a list to get you to our favorite places in town! Contributions? If you have any pictures or stories about Wahkon history, please contact Karrie Roeschlein at City hall between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Or Contact Us Here by Email. ​ 151 2nd Street E. P.O. Box 8 Wahkon, MN 56386 Phone: 320.495.3441

  • Veteran's Park | City Of Wahkon

    Veterans Community Walk of Honor Come stroll or sit a spell at Veterans’ Park and you’ll soon feel in touch with Wahkons history of service to community and nation. A fine resting spot for visitors, the park features memorials, evergreen-shaded benches, picnic tables and playground equipment for the kids. ​ Until just recently Veterans’ Park, anchoring the south end of Wahkon’s Main Street, was an occasionally used playground with an often overlooked memorial. Now the park at 505 N. Main Street welcomes visitors and residents with features both honoring veterans and community members, past and present, as well as offering a play area on Wahkon Bay. ​ Veterans’ Park’s life and focus changed when WAVE volunteers, Midway Garden Club and veterans groups banded together to create a Walk to Honor. Its pavers are donated by families of soldiers, sailors and airmen in remembrance of their service to their country. ​ The original park was marked with a small bronze plaque dedicated to the service of World War I veterans from the Wahkon area. Now it is a well-landscaped area with a walkway which was newly-dedicated in 2012 after nearly two years of effort by residents. The Walk to Honor continues to grow as the pavers are purchased by veterans and their family members for years to come. Notable are the blocks honoring vets who served during the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and through many years up to the Middle Eastern conflicts. Also underway is a path of Community Pavers dedicated to past and present community members who have been instrumental in developing and fostering the Wahkon area. The park’s transformation began with a volunteer crew enlisted to clear out brush and trees to leave the healthy evergreens to flourish. Volunteers and city staff also worked on the initial phases of the bridge connecting Veterans’ and City Parks. A sturdy culvert and rock landscaping helps direct the flow of a seasonal stream running into the lake. The work is just beginning for an ambitious project to continue not only the paved walks but the overall landscaping. Long-term plans also call for a black granite six-sided monument honoring all branches of the armed services. ​ Throughout the work and beyond, Veterans’ Park has been renewed as a favorite spot for visitors and locals alike to enjoy the broad vistas of Mille Lacs Lake. The entire site is lovingly maintained by volunteers and the city staff. Visitors are encouraged to help keep the site tidy. ​ Amenities include: Veterans Memorial Walk of Honor Walking Paths Evergreen-Shaded Benches Picnic Tables Playground Equipment ​ The Wahkon Area Vision Effusion (WAVE) Committee’s next project will be renovation of Wahkon’s Veterans Park located on South Main across from Walleye Dundee’s Resort. This is a big challenge and will take years to complete. Plans include new wall, landscaping, “Walk of Honor” path, stone bridge and a beautiful six-sided black granite monument honoring all branches of the armed forces. As far as we know, this is the only Veterans Park in the area. photo courtesy of patti packer 1/1

  • City Council Meeting Minutes | City Of Wahkon

    past meeting minutes City Council Meetings: The Wahkon City Council meets the second Monday of each month at the Wahkon Community Hall located at 151 2nd Street, E, Wahkon, Minnesota at 6:00 p.m. ​ Special Council Meetings: Special council meetings will be held, when necessary, the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. to address future planning. ​ 2023 Budget Summary ​ Past City Council Meeting Minutes (Click on Date to Download PDF:) 2022 Meeting Minutes (Updated JANUARY 12, 2023) 2021 Meeting Minutes 2020 Meeting Minutes 2019 Meeting Minutes 2018 Meeting Minutes 2017 Meeting Minutes 2016 Meeting Minutes 2015 Meeting Minutes 2014 Meeting Minutes 2013 Meeting Minutes 2012 Meeting Minutes ​ ​ Your Participation is Welcome! We encourage open communication with the public so please feel free to contact City Hall or individual council members with concerns or comments , good or bad. ​ Files & Folders + File Item name Last updated Views Favorites Contributors File Budget 2023 Summary.pdf 119.93 KB Dec 24, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2022 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 253.42 KB Dec 2, 2022 3 D Danie Powell Item File 2021 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 319.18 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2020 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 171.89 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2019 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 303.66 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2018 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 384.82 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2017 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 395.64 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2016 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 435.04 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2015 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 355.32 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2014 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 347.91 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2013 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 372.61 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item File 2012 City of Wahkon Meeting Minutes.pdf 274.01 KB Dec 2, 2022 0 D Danie Powell Item

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