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What's going on in Wahkon? Restaurant Spotlight


SATURDAY AFTERNOON Virtual Horse Racing & Meat Raffle Starting at 2PM Hoot / Holler / Win Cash

Meat Raffle Friday Nite at 6PM

Designer Hand Bag Bingo at MUGGS. Sunday February 5th at 1PM.

Pre-sale packs are now available at MUGGS.

You need to buy one pack of 10 games for $30 in advance to secure your spot. You can make a table reservation for the number of pre-sale packs you buy . ( 4 pre-sale to reserve a table of 4) Extra packs will be available on the day of the event.

Get your pre-sale & reservations soon as we expect to sell out.


Lion's Bingo Wednesday at 6pm

Virtual Horse Race and Meat Raffle 6pm

Friday and Saturday evenings after 4pm Prime Rib Dinner Special

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