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Take Action to Prevent Waste Left on Ice After Ice Fishing Season

Dear Friend, The availability of large trailered ice fishing houses has greatly increased the number of people that go ice fishing, and the amount of time they spend out on the ice. This is great news. The more people that get out and enjoy our outdoor resources the better. But with increased use has also come increased waste. Often ice anglers take the garbage, fish guts and even human excrement outside the ice house, and leave it on the ice in garbage bags or other containers. The problem comes when these bags and containers freeze to the ice and cannot be removed. Lake associations, resort groups and others are forced to go out on the ice and try to clean up the mess. Without this committed volunteer base, the refuse goes directly into the lake when the ice melts. Volunteers simply cannot keep up. HF 2745/SF 2789 are a good first step by requiring anglers to keep all garbage and sewage inside the ice house, or in a container that is attached to the outside of the ice house. It is a common sense solution to a terrible and disgusting problem.

Take action to support passage of this much needed bill. Click here send your State Representative and Senator an email urging them to work towards support of this legislation. Thank you for your advocacy and engagement. Please feel free to add to the boiler plate email we have provided to make your message more personal. Jeff

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