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UPDATE: Position Filled (Council Member Vacancy)

UPDATE: Position Filled (Council Member Vacancy)

Updated July 21, 2023


The City of Wahkon is accepting applications from interested citizens to fill a council member vacancy. Eligibility requirements are:

  1. Eligible to vote in Minnesota

  2. Must be 21 years of age or more

  3. Wahkon resident for at least 30 days

Council will likely appoint a new member at their 7/10 meeting after formally accepting the resignation of Brenda Buck effective 6/13. The appointed person would immediately be sworn into office and participate fully at the 7/10 meeting. Term would expire 12/31/2024.

Applications are available at City Hall and must be returned by noon on Friday 7/7. You may also call #320-495-3441 or email

Karrie Roeschlein, Clerk/Treasurer

Posted 6/20/2023 @ City Hall

Wahkon Post Office/

City of Wahkon Website

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